Agreement of Utilization
Article 1 (Purpose)

This provision has been purposed to regulate rights between company and members related to service usage associating with MediaTok ( and MediaTok which are provided by Luna media (“company”) and other necessary matters.

Article 2 (Definition)

The definition of words used in this provision are as in the following.

  1. “Service” is defined as various services related to MediaTok ( and MediaTok which are available to “member” regardless of implemented devices (including wire-wireless devices, such as PC, TV, and Mobile phone)
  2. “Member” is defined as a consumer who uses services provided by “company” with agreeing utilization contract with “company” related to the provision by visiting to company’s “service”
  3. “Username” is defined as a text or number combination which is chosen by “member” and authorized by “company” in order for “service” usage and “consumer’s” identification.
  4. “Password” is defined self-chosen texts and number combination in order to protect passwords, confirm “member” which is relevant to “username” that “member” is bestowed
  5. “Post” is defined information typed words, photo, video, and various files, and links, such as signs, texts, sounds, voices, video telephone, and video that are posted on “Service” for “member” using “service”
  6. “Contest” is defined as a contest which provides prize money and benefits by “member’s” suggesting and evaluating special topic’s posts based on other “member”.

Article 3 (Notice of the provision and its amendment)

  1. “Company” shall post this provision contents on service first screen that shall be easily visible to “member”.
  2. “Company” can revise this provision within range not violating “laws related to regulation of this provision”, “the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection information (hereafter called, “information communication network act”).
  3. In case of revision of this provision, “company” shall notify the revision agreement from 30 days to one day ago prior to date of application based on article 1’s method with current agreement by specifying date of application and revision reason. But, in case of unfavorable agreement revision for members, it shall be clearly notified through electrical means, such as electrical mail, agreement screen when logging in.
  4. If company does not detect any expressions about notification of revised agreement or notification within 30 days to consumers based on the preceding clause or in case of consumer not expressing rejection proposedly despite of clear notification about is deemed to indicate expression, it shall be deemed that member has agreed on revised provision.
  5. In case of member’s disagreement on revised provision, company shall not apply revised provision contents, in this case, can cancel the agreement of utilization. But, in case of special reason that cannot apply current provision, company can cancel the agreement of utilization.

Article 4 (Conclusion of Utilization Contract)

  1. Utilization contract has been concluded in a way that person (hereafter called, “an applicant for membership”) who want to be a member has agreed on provision’s contents, and then apply for membership, so that the company has authorized this application.
  2. “Company” has made it a rule to accept service usage for “an applicant for membership’s” application. But, “company” can hereafter cancel the utilization contract if not accepting the following applications that are included in each segment.
    1. In case of applicant previously disqualified its membership under this provision, but in case of obtaining reauthorization from company, it makes exception.
    2. In case of using other name rather than real name,
    3. In case of specifying wrong information or not specifying information that is required by company,
    4. In case of not authorized due to user’s causes or application with violating other regulated matters,
  3. For section 1’s application, company can request real name confirmation and personal identification through authorizing office based on member’s type.
  4. Company can defer approval in case of insufficient time of service related facilities, technological and business problems,
  5. In case of deferring or not authorizing approval of applicant membership application under the segment 2 and 4, “company” shall in principle notify it to applicant.
  6. Period of utilization contract establishment is time indicated from application procedure as membership completion.
  7. “Company” can discriminate on usage by breaking down service menu with differentiating in classes based on company policy about members.
  8. “Company” can restrict usage limitation in order to class based on “the law regarding the movie and video promotion” and “adolescent protection act” and age regulation about “member”.

Article 5 (Modification of account information)

  1. “Member” can always open personal information and edit the information through personal information management screen.
  2. “Member”, in case of specified contents that are written for applying membership are modified, the content can be changed by online and the member shall notify the changed contents to company by electrical mail or other ways.
  3. The company is not liable to any disadvantages caused by hiding modified contents to company.

Article 6 (Duty of personal information protection)

“Company” has tried all best in order to protect member’s personal information according to the rule concerning the related law, such as “information communications network act”. For protection of personal information and usage, related law and company’s private policy are applied. But, for company’s other linked sites other than official sites, company’s private policy is not applied.

Article 7 (Member’s username and duty related to password management)

  1. Managing responsibility related to member’s username and password is depend on member, and it shall not be utilized by the third party.
  2. “Company”, in case of member’s username possessing exposure concern of personal information, being dislocated antisocially or traditional customs, having concern of mistake to company or company’s operator, can restrict username.
  3. Member in case of realization of its username and password exposure and its usage of the third party, shall notify to company immediately and comply with company’s instruction.
  4. In case of segment 3, the company, in case of not notifying the fact to company or not complying with company’s instruction if notified to company, is not liable to any disadvantages caused by them.

Article 8 (Notification about “member”)

  1. In case of notification about member, company can send through electrical address in service unless regulation in this provision.
  2. Company, in case of notification to all members, can switch the segment 1 by posting on company’s bulletin board for more than 7 days.

Article 9 (Duty of company)

  1. Company does not take action about related law, prohibiting this provision and fine custom, and has tried its best to provide continuous and stable service.
  2. Company has made official announcement and complied with private policy for personal information protection security system in order for the users to use service safely.
  3. Company, relating to service usage, in case of accepting that suggested opinions and complaints from member are reasonable, shall handle them immediately. About suggested opinions and complaints from members, bulletin board shall be applied or handling process and result shall be delivered to member through electrical mail.

Article 10 (Duty of Member)

  1. Member shall not commit the following actions.
    • Wrong information registered for application or modification
    • Abuse other people information
    • Modification of information that is posted from company
    • Transmission or notice, such as other information (computer program) other than information that is selected by company
    • Invasion related to intellectual property right such as company and other third party’s copyright
    • Action which disturbs business and impairs company or the third party’s honor
    • Action which posts or opens to the public to service about information of obscenity, violated message, video telephone, sound, other fine custom
    • Action which uses “service” for profit purpose without permission of company
    • Inappropriate action which is illegal
  2. Member shall comply with relative law, regulation of this provision, notified precautions related to usage guideline, matters that company has notified, and shall not take action to disturb other company’s business.

Article 11 (Provision of service)

  1. Service has been made it a rule to provide 24/7 without holiday.
  2. Company can halt providing service in case of maintenance of information and communication equipment, such as computer, malfunction, communication loss, and reasonable grounds for operation. In this case, company shall notify to member under article 8 (notification about member). But, in case of reason that company cannot notify beforehand, the company can notify after hand.
  3. Company can launch inspection if necessary for service provision, and the regular inspection time shall be complied with matter posted on service provision screen

Article 12 (Modification of service)

  1. Company, in case of reasonable reason, can modify total or some services that are provided for operational and technological needs.
  2. In case of modification of service contents, usage method, and usage time, reason of modification, contents how it will be modified, and provision date shall be posted on the first service screen prior to the modification.
  3. Company can modify, suspend, and change total or some services that are provided freely based on needs of company’s policy and operation. About this, the company does not pay separate compensation to member unless special regulations in relative law.

Article 13 (Provision of information and Publication of advertisement)

  1. Company can provide various information that are admitted as necessary for service usage to member by notification or electrical mail methods.
  2. In case of request to send the segment 1’s information by telephone or facsimile equipment, it shall be sent with member’s prior permission. But, answers about member’s transaction and consumer inquiry make exception.
  3. Company, relating to service operation, can publicize advertisement on service screen, homepage, and electrical mail. Members who have received electrical mail that publicizes advertisement can reject its reception against company.
  4. Users (including member, and non-members), relating to service that company has provided shall not measure the posts and other information’s modification, amendment, and restriction.

Article 14 (Copy right of posts)

  1. Posts’ copyrights that are placed in “Service” by members are vested in the certain post’s author.
  2. Posts that are placed in “Service” by member can be exposed by related promotion and searching result to service, and duplicated, amended, and edited within necessary range for the certain exposure. In this case, company has complied with copyright law. Member can always measure deletion of the certain posts, exception of searching results, and non-disclosure through consumer center or management function in service.
  3. Company, in case of getting member’s post using other methods other than the segment 2, shall obtain member’s prior permission through telephone and electrical mail. But, about posts about member participating in content, receiving evaluation, and getting prize money or special benefits, the company shall possess right to post it in company’s certain page.

Article 15 (Management of posts)

  1. In case of member’s post including violating contents in copyright law and relative law, manager can request delete or suspend the posts under procedures decided by the relative law, and shall measure according to the relative law.
  2. Company, despite of no demand from manager according to the preceding clause, in case of having reasonable grounds and violating in other company policy or relative laws, can temporally measure about the posts according to the relative law.
  3. Detailed procedures according to this segment has been complied with reporting service that company has decided within range regulated by “information communication network law” and “copyright law”.

Article 16 (Relegation of right)

  1. Intellectual property right and copyright about service has been vested in company. But, provided works are excluded in accordance with member’s posts and association contract.
  2. Copyright of writings that have been participated in contest has been complied with the certain contest main point.
  3. Company, relating to service, shall provide usages which are only available for account, username and contents according to usage conditions that are decided by company for member. Member shall not take action of dispositions, such as transfer, sale, and furnishing of security.

Article 17 (Contract’s revocation and cancellation)

  1. Members can always apply usage contract cancellation through consumer center in the first service screen or my account management menu, and company shall handle this according to the relative law.
  2. Member, in case of contract cancellation, member’s all data are removed according to relative law and private policy except for the case that company possesses personal information.
  3. Member’s post, in case of contract cancellation, is deleted. But, post which contains contents of getting prize money and benefit through contest are existed.

Article 18 (Restriction of usage)

  1. Company, in case of member violating duty of this provision and disturbing service’s normal operation, can restrict service usage by steps, such as warning, temporary suspension, and eternal usage suspension.
  2. Company, despite of the preceding clause, in case of violating relative laws, such as copyright law, provision and operation disturbance of illegal program that violates computer program protection act, illegal communication and hacking that violate “information communication network act”, distribution of malicious program, excessive action of accessing right, can suspend its usage eternally. When suspending eternally, all benefits through service usage are all destroyed, and company does not separately compensate for that.
  3. In case of contract cancellation and restriction of service usage according to this segment, company shall notify according to article 8 (notification about member)
  4. Member, relating to usage restriction in this segment, can raise appeal according to procedures that are decided by company. At this time, company, in case of accepting the appeal, shall reactivate service usage immediately.

Article 19 (Restriction of Responsibility)

  1. Company, in case of unavailability to provide service due to natural disaster and equivalent uncontrollable power, can make exception of responsibility for service provision.
  2. Company, in case of service usage malfunction due to member’s causes, does not take any responsibility.
  3. Company, relating to contents, such as published information, documents, credibility of truth, and accuracy for member’s service, does not take any responsibility.
  4. Company, in case of transaction for service as a means of instrumentality between member and the third party mutually, does not take any responsibility.
  5. Company, unless special regulations in relative law about service provision which is provided freely, does not take any responsibility.

Article 20 (Applicable laws and trial jurisdiction)

  1. Initiated lawsuit of applicable laws between company and member shall be governed by laws of Republic of Korea.
  2. Lawsuit about dispute caused between company and member shall be sued to authorizing court consulting civil proceedings act.